Habitat-Win Windscreen with its minimal design, contemporary beauty, superior quality and height glass enclosure system make it possible to have secure and comfortable outdoor space all year long. These windscreens not only protect us from wind and cold but also create a secure and comfortable outdoor space that allows natural light without compromising your view.
Habitat Win is an exclusive combination of transparent glass, aluminum and innovative technology, where the upper moving panel can be lifted with a single motion effortlessly to achieve protection from weather. Combining innovative technologies with special design lines, the Habitat Win is the ultimate answer for wind protection, security, comfort and style.
Glass thickness available: 6 mm.

Habitat Win Windscreen is a stylish addition to any outdoor patio, deck, or pool which can be raised and lowered with a simple motion. It is designed to be easy and flexible to handle.


Restaurants and hotels

Habitat Win Windscreen not only protect your business from harsh weather conditions but also makes it secure from possible thefts. Simple and modern at the same time, it offers a pleasant outdoor dining experience for your customers. Habitat Win is the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish outdoor spaces for restaurants, cafes, roof gardens, hotels etc.

Business terraces

Habitat Win Windscreen can be used for several purposes in business establishments like partition, weather protection, security etc. With its innovative and refined style, it creates an ambiance that reflects the image of the establishment.

Housing terraces

Habitat Win Windscreen is an elegant safety barrier solution, allowing unobstructed clear views of your pool, patio, balconies or landscape. This height glass enclosure system is an ideal solution for sealing outdoor spaces and to add value to your property.

Combined with pergola

Habitat Win Windscreen when incorporated with SeeSky bioclimatic pergola becomes a perfect addition that emphasis the qualities of your pergola and add a finishing touch to it.


Habitat Win adjustable height glass enclosure windscreen systems offers standard configuration which is composed of laminated security glass in the fixed lower part and an upper movable part.