Being one of the leading manufacturers of glass enclosures, Seeglass brings you high quality sliding and folding glazing systems and accessories to add extra living space to your home or business in creative ways that enrich your lifestyle. It is one of the best options for enclosing terrace while adding to the interior aesthetics.
Seeglass sliding and folding glazing systems help you bring the outdoors in! The sliding and folding mechanism delivers tremendous flexibility for large scale openings and unobstructed views. Designed to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer, it is available in 6,8,10 and 12 mm glass thickness.

Enjoy the best of indoor-outdoor living by breaking down the barriers between inside and outside with Seeglass sliding and folding glazing systems!


Seeglass sliding and folding systems are a popular option for modern living areas or spaces where the inside and out are to be merged. These type of glazing systems are popular for restaurant facades, pool, terrace enclosures, and porches, providing a spacious, wide open feel to any space.

Verandas and Terraces

Seeglass sliding and folding systems designed to smoothly stack and fold against side walls, is the perfect glass enclosing system solution for verandas and terraces. It creates a huge opening from corner to corner, connecting the indoors with the outside, providing you unobstructed view and comfort.

Restaurants and Hotels

Let your clients take full advantage of the beautiful scenery around with completely unobstructed views. Seeglass sliding and folding systems offer endless possibilities for hotels and resorts. It provides your clients a modern and aesthetic glass enclosing solution which makes them feel inside out while offering extra comfort and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Building Facades

A thoughtfully designed façade adds value to your building. Seeglass sliding and folding systems make an ideal building façade which redefines the buildings signature and transforms customers experience by optimizing views, natural light and thermal comfort.


When SeeGlass sliding and folding systems are incorporated with SeeSky bioclimatic pergola, it offers an absolute solution for maximizing outdoor space and enclosing bioclimatic pergolas.

Interior Partitions

SeeGlass sliding and folding systems can be used as an ideal glass partition solution for dividing office rooms and interior spaces of your house. The ability of glass panels to be opened and closed when needed makes it unique and highly preferable among the customers.


Seeglass sliding and folding systems provide unlimited options for outdoor businesses. It can be used in outdoor cabanas, window applications, guest room balconies, lobbies, suites etc. Seeglass sliding and folding systems will make your business stand above the competition.


With timeless aesthetics, superior engineering and premium quality, the applications of Seeglass sliding and folding systems ranges from small gaps to big pergolas.


Seeglass sliding and folding systems help to maximize useful space and create the illusion of a larger interior. It truly reconnects the homeowners with the natural environment around them.


Seeglass sliding and folding systems offers countless sizes, configurations, and finishes that will let you find best option available.

Corner turning

With its specific component design Seeglass sliding and folding systems allows the panels to turn from corner to corner in multiple angles.

Side and central panel opening

Designed to smoothly pile up all panels to one side, Seeglass sliding and folding system gives you a perfect opening, connecting the indoors with the outside and expanding living space.


Easy cleaning and maintenance

The sliding and folding option makes every panel of the glass system easily accessible from inside and thus makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Adaptation to Different Climates

With Great sealing and protection against harsh external weather conditions, Sliding and folding glazing systems are functional and perfectly compatible for extended use in almost any climate.


High resistance rollers and hinges

Integrated metallic opening system

Standard and embedded lower profile option

Top telescopic profile for height adjustments on profile and panels

Specially designed overlapping caps for extra water tightness

Lateral profile and covers for possible adjustment and extra water and wind proof

Glass screwed to profiles

Intermediate opening option for ventilation

Angle closing caps


Metallic cable opening device (standard)

Simple and double knobs

Crank locks

Knob locks


Panel retainer attached to lower profile in order to secure glass panels once they are stacked preventing possible movement.

Set of clamps to prevent movement of glass panels.

Pleated blinds.

Pleated mosquito net

Roller blind, incorporated in the upper profile of the enclosure.