Kenwin create ultra-modern ideas to make people’s lives more comfortable and subtle. Our Habitat ZIP Roller Screens is a new solar protection system which enhances outdoor comfort by blocking direct sunlight and reduces heat inside your home.
Habitat ZIP Roller Screens when placed outside the windows, you can save on cooling costs, reduce intense sunlight, damaging UV, and blinding glare. It can be operated up and down by a motorized ZIP type awning and is collected in an aluminum chest by aluminum lateral guides.

Now enjoy the afternoon sun while significantly reducing the heat in your home, patio, deck or your bioclimatic pergola with Habitat ZIP Roller Screens.



Habitat ZIP Roller Screens, with its innovative and high quality awning screen, keep the light out of your eyes and harmful UV rays out of your home while reducing temperatures and energy costs.

Facades of buildings and offices

Sun’s heat can cause the facades of your building or offices to be too hot during warm weather. You won’t have this problem when you install Habitat ZIP Roller Screens. This energy efficient exterior sunshade is the perfect solution to cooling off areas constantly exposed to sun.

Restaurants and Hotels

Habitat ZIP Roller Screen is easy to use, neat, unobtrusive and the perfect solution for windows to protect the spaces of your restaurant or furniture from getting hot and getting ruined by the UV rays. They create cozy and exclusive spaces; your customers will thank you for it.

Integration in Pergola

Habitat ZIP Roller Screen can be installed easily to your bioclimatic pergolas to obtain absolute protection from sun while controlling the temperature inside the pergola. By integrating Habitat ZIP you can comfortably stay out on the pergola on a sunny day, as long as you want and enjoy the outdoors. Roll it up when you want to let the sun in, then let it back down!


Control of the motorization, through standard remote control.

Zipper welded on the sides of the fabric, providing greater resistance to the wind and extra protection against the sun.

High strength tissues available in various types of finishes.