Now you can enjoy the breeze without the bugs with Habitat NET Pleated Insect Screen! Our pleated insect screens let you leave your doors open longer and makes your home insect proof while enhancing the look of your windows and doors.
This versatile, compact, easy to operate and durable pleated insect screens serve as effective protection from insects as well as an impressive accessory. It is easy to install and presents a modern pleated mesh design with different configurations that enables effortless opening and closing.

Habitat NET Pleated Insect screen is versatile and blends into almost any kind of opening offering a stylish and architectural insect screen solution.


Housing (Porches and Terraces)

Enjoy the best of summers with efficient ventilation! Now you can expand your home
and create an outdoor living space that’s free of insects and protected from the harsh glare of the sun by installing Habitat NET Pleated Insect screen.

Restaurants, hotels and businesses

Insects can cause uncomfortable situations to your customers which affects the
reputation of your restaurant or hotel. Habitat NET pleated insect screen is an
unobtrusive and perfect solution to protect your restaurant or business from bugs and insects without blocking the view.

Facades of buildings and offices

Our Pleated Insect Screen can be fully integrated into the façade openings of your office or business to protect against insects while providing aesthetics and comfort.

Pergola integration

Habitat NET Pleated Insect screen can be installed easily to your bioclimatic pergolas to obtain absolute protection from insects without obstructing the outside view. Habitat NET allows you to comfortably stay out on the pergola without worrying about the insect bites.