Habitat SUN pleated blind is a highly popular solar protection system for glass enclosures. It allows the light to drift into your home without suffering from the glare of the sun. No strings will hang on the glass and break the aesthetics of your glass enclosure.
Smart and contemporary, Habitat SUN provides thermal properties which keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its slim profile makes it suitable for all types of glazing systems.

Available to fit into a variety of window and door systems, Habitat SUN can be fully lowered or raised to the top to give you a full or partial view out of the window.


Housing (Veranda and Terraces)

Habitat SUN combines the key elements of flexibility, design, performance and
provides the necessary control for heat and light entering your house.

Restaurants and hotels

Habitat SUN pleated blind blocks the direct sunlight and reduces the temperature inside the restaurant, making it a perfect solution to enhance the comfort level of your restaurant.

Building facades

Our pleated blinds can be fully integrated into differently shaped gaps or facade
openings, granting a complete solar protection in places exposed to the sun while providing aesthetics and comfort.

Business (offices, clinics, etc.)

Habitat SUN pleated blinds are ideal option for workplaces and offices to create
spaces protected from heat and direct sunlight, while still granting the room a bright, muted shading effect.