Seeglass FIX Inside Partition glass walls are used to divide an indoor area into two rooms. This system of fixed glass walls provides unlimited options for the design of interior rooms. It gives the partitions a luxurious understated look of modern design and creates bright, open spaces.
Versatile, innovative and highly adaptable Seeglass FIX Inside Partition glass wall systems are the perfect choice when you want exceptional performance, value, and style. It is available in 6, 8, 10, 12 mm glass
This elegant and affordable inside partitions provides a simplistic approach to divide and organize a variety of interior spaces.

It allows to separate different environments indoors or gain additional space with perfect integration.



If you’re looking to beautify your office space with top inside partitions, Seeglass FIX system of fixed glass walls delivers both form and function to your conference rooms or throughout your entire office.

Interior Design

Seeglass FIX inside partition glass systems will take your interior to a higher level of decor. It is the complete solution for all your interior design based challenges.


Seeglass FIX inside partition glass system is a smart solution designed to meet the changing needs of your store. These glass partitions are a great way to add a product display section and to brighten up your store.


Kenwin SeeGlass FIX offers upper, lower and side profiles. The profiles are made of aluminum with a minimalistic and advanced design. All the profiles bind with rubber gaskets to add extra strength and durability to the glasses.

Clip-On Profile

”U” Shape Profile

Lateral Profile

Joint “H” Profile

Rubber Gaskets

For up to 12 mm thick Tempered or Laminated glass


The placement of SeeGlass FIX can be done effortlessly with floor and ceiling joined glass doors.