Indoor Sliding Systems


SeeGlass Lux indoor sliding g system is capable of giving a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality to your interiors. This innovatively designed system provides an environmental friendly and cost effective way to separate interior spaces. It helps transforms your room into a more functional & flexible space. It is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors.
SeeGlass Lux interior sliding systems is an absolute solution for optimizing interior spaces, adding brightness and for giving your room a unique personality. These stylish and trendy interior sliding doors will help you take advantage of every useful space in your home or office interiors. It is available in 8- 10 mm glass thickness.

SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems can be used to separate interior spaces without blocking daylight or obstructing views in the interior.


SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems are more space efficient and offer greater space flexibility than conventional pivot doors. Its contemporary design accompanied by superior quality materials and construction techniques makes it one of the best innovations. SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems with its vibrant creativity will accompany you in creating new usable spaces in your public and private environments.


SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems are stylish and easy to use. These sliding systems are a simple solution for separating living and dining rooms or creating an extra room in your house.


This Indoor sliding systems is ideal for separating departments in your office or store. SeeGlass Lux can be used where saving space is essential or in situations where the hinged door sashes functionally obstructs the comfortable movement of people.

Interior Partition

SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems are used when there is a need to separate the room from time to time. These sliding glass panels are designed to provide an effective partition when necessary and enable users to slide the door or wall out of the way when the partition is no longer needed.

Interior design

SeeGlass Lux Indoor sliding systems grants architects and interior designers the freedom to design their interior spaces. The Indoor sliding systems with minimum aluminum frames brings a modern aesthetic to commercial, residential and hospitality projects without visual obstacles.


Aluminum accessories for lower guides

Glass panels with upper guide support

Lower aluminum profile


Ring Handle (standard)

Key Lock - Knob

Hook Handle