Glass Balustrade


Our glass balustrades are the excellent way to retain spectacular views, create the illusion of additional space and feelings of security without sacrificing on the look.
Glass balustrades are becoming an increasingly popular option for balconies, verandas, outdoor entertaining areas and pool surroundings. They add a wonderful contemporary flare to living or workspaces. With its high resistance, frameless and solid design it’s much safer than a traditional balcony railing because there are no spindles with gaps in between them. It’s a beautiful barrier between your balcony and the wonderful view beyond. It is available for glass thickness: 6+6mm, 8+8 mm, 10+10 mm.


Housing Balconies

SeeGlass PRO glass balustrade makes an excellent choice for your housing balconies, terrace, outdoor entertaining areas and pool surroundings. Not only does it provide uninterrupted views, but also keep children and pets enclosed and safe. With so many options open to you, we can assist with planning your glass balcony design.

Restaurants and hotels

SeeGlass PRO glass balustrades are a great way to use your space in hotels or restaurants while maintaining a free and easy feel. This versatile glass balustrade from SeeGlass PRO helps you to create sectional spaces for businesses, especially those with outdoor areas. Our glass balustrades are the perfect option for you to create a sleek and stylish outside area in your workspace.


Seeglass PRO can also be used as façades which are very much in vogue for office complexes and industrial buildings. It adds brightness and makes your building look more prestigious.

Stair Glass Balustrade

Seeglass PRO staircase glass balustrades enhance the look of your staircase while adding light and depth of space. It imparts a minimalistic presence of the stairs and provides the illusion of a much larger room.



Modern aluminum structure with latest technological developments.

Security glass regulation clamps.

Adjustable anchoring screws and clamps.


Aluminum thickness for secure installation over the floor.

Simple and fast installation

Rubber wedges for glass adjustment and installation.


Aluminum handrail with wall support.


Seeglass PRO provides you an absolute glass solution from floor to the ceiling by combining our specially designed structural handrail with our sliding and folding glass system to enhance indoor outdoor living.